Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
KPI Analytics Intelligence: It can provide an AIOps management solutions for users. The operator can understand the operating health status of various services in the IT environment through AIOps management, quickly locate fault for troubleshooting, push abnormal alert, and turn reactive into proactive operation. The manager can access the whole system operation related view through the business panorama module, and monitor the health status of the system operation at any time.
► The operating health status of each service can be displayed visually through the Service Analyzer to help you quickly locate the root cause of business failures. For details, please refer to the section Service Analyzer of AnyRobot User Guide;
► Through the Business Panorama, the relation graph of the operation system can be customized. Visualization view is used to monitor the relationships and dependencies between various business services, to achieve global efficient IT operation monitoring and troubleshooting analysis. For details, please refer to the section Business Panorama of AnyRobot User Guide ;
► In case of KPI abnormal alert during the service operation, the system will promptly send an abnormal alert, and the alert event record can be viewed to help the operator complete the troubleshooting in time. For details, please refer to the section Alert Event Check of AnyRobot User Guide .
In the following, the infrastructure service application is taken as an example to introduce how to configure and implement AIOps management for IT infrastructure.