Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
Workspace admin has the authorization to manage Basic Info, Project Roles and Project Members.
► Basic Info
Basic Info shows the number of project members and roles in the current workspace. Click the
icon on the right to edit or delete the workspace.
► Project Roles
The platform has three preset commonly used project roles: workspace-admin, workspace-regular and workspace-viewer, and the authorization for the preset roles are listed in the following table: 
Preset Roles Description
workspace-admin As a workspace-admin, it can manage all the resources in the workspace.
workspace-regular As a regular member of workspace, it can create engineering and projects in the workspace.
workspace-viewer As a workspace viewer, it can view all the resources in the workspace.
► Member Management
The admin can invite members of the cluster to join the workspace and assign roles.
Note: The cluster-regular in the cluster can be invited to join projects in the same workspace only after it has been invited to the workspace.