Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
1. Click License>Permanent License>+Add License Code, input the license code (serial number). In case of multiple license codes, separate them by Enter;

2. After inputting, click OK to view the added license code in the list;
3. In the added license code operation column, click the Activate and the window Activate License Code will pop up to input the Activation Code; and click OK;
4. After successful activation, the user can view the details of the activated license codes in the license code statistics column or list at the top of the page. 
Therein, the license code status includes the following 4 types: 
Field Name Description
Inactivated License code has been added, but is not activated.
Activated License code has been added and activated successfully.
Expired The trial license code in the activated status has expired.
Invalid The invalid status can be divided into the following 2 types: 
• The license status of the main module in old version that has been upgraded;
• If no main module is currently activated, the activated agent module will switch to the Invalid status.
► View the machine code: 
Click Machine Code to view the unique machine code bound to the current host, as follows: 

1. When activating the authorization, the user shall ensure that the license code, activation code, and machine code are matched to each other to allow the authorization activation;
2. The host and machine code are bound one-to-one fixedly.