Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
It is to realize the application scenario in which users pass the third-party authorization ID authentication on the third-party platform system page and jump to log in to AnyRobot system. The third-party authentication type and authentication parameter configuration can be performed on Third Party Auth page.
1. Click Settings > System > Authentication > Third Party Auth with the configuration parameters as follows:
Field Name Description
Authenticate It is to enable/disable third-party authentication. 
* Name It is to set the name of the authentication configuration, as a unique authentication ID.
* Authentication System It is to set authentication system types: cas, sjs, oauth 2.0:
► sjs configuration: 
• ssoServer: It is to set the login address of the third-party authentication server;
• anyrobotServer: It is to set the login address of anyRobot server;
• appid: It is to set appid distributed to anyrobot by a third party.
► oauth 2.0 configuration: It can be selected if the third-party platform supports it.
Note: The related parameters of configuring Oauth 2.0 got from Oauth Server of the third party
2. After filling in all configuration information correctly, click Save to successfully enable third-party authentication login.