Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
The permanent license has no time limit, and users can enjoy all life cycle product service. The product model that Permanent License supports as below:
Product Model Delivery Type Compatible System
AnyRobot Express Software x86
Appliance (LD3000) x86
AnyRobot Enterprise Software x86/ARM
Appliance (LD3000) x86
Appliance(KD3000) ARM
AnyRobot Security Software x86
Appliance(SD3000) x86

In Permanent License module, you can add, activate and delete license code, check the machine code, and import DAT in batch. You can also check Used Capacity, Activation Status, Valid Day and Invalid License.
Note: Except for the upgrade license code, no matter whether the license code has been activated or not, you can add the same license code again after deletion.
License code is for 3 types of authorization: main module, agent and trial authorization.
► Main module: 
That is, the authorization for data nodes. It is to control the number of cluster nodes. During the execution of the product authorization process, the following three points should be noted when adding a main module authorization: 
• AnyRobot Enterprise 3 and AnyRobot Security 3 can be added with main modules cumulatively as needed, and the maximum storage capacity of a single main module is 80TB;
• AnyRobot Express 3 can only be added with four master modules at most, and the maximum storage capacity of a single main module is 16TB;
• Please add and activate at least 1 main module authorization to ensure the normal product function.
► Agent: 
Including: service agent (such as, cloud infrastructure KAI service), function agent (such as, Relation Graph, Machine Learning), application agent (such as, AnyShare Analytics) and upgrade agent.
After agent authorization added and activated successfully, the corresponding service and function module can be used normally. The following 3 points should be noted when adding agent authorization: 
• Verify that the main module has been added and activated before adding and activating the agent authorization;
• If the agent authorization is removed or expired, the corresponding service, function or application will not be available;
• After adding and activating the upgrade license code, you can upgrade to the corresponding target version.
Note: AnyRobot Express 3.0 agent authorization and trial authorization do not support Relation Graph and Machine Learning function agent. Application agent only supports the cloud infrastructure KAI application and AnyShare Analytics App, but does not support the digital business KAI application and other analytics applications.
► Trial: 
The following four points should be noted when adding trial authorization for 30, 90 or 180 days: 
• Trial license code, main module license code and agent license code (function, service, application, upgrade) are mutually exclusive;
• For the expired trial license code, you need to delete it before adding it again;
• After removing an unexpired trial license code and adding it again, the usage period will accrue based on the point in time its first reuse;
• For the expired trial license code, AnyRobot no longer receives aggregation data but other functions continue to be normal.
• AnyRobot Enterprise 3 / AnyRobot Security 3 trial license code: Unlimited for cluster node, single main module capacity, function, and application.
• AnyRobot Express 3 trial license code: Maximum 4 cluster nodes, unlimited capacity for a single main module; total capacity is subject to the system hardware configuration capacity limit.