Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
The audit log mainly records the user's access, action and others. The administrator can identify abnormal access and abnormal action during AnyRobot running process through audit log, for security compliance.
The audit log supports time filtering, level filtering, log type filtering and keyword search to view the corresponding audit logs, and you can export audit logs that meet the current filtering condition. 
Click Settings > Audit Log, where you to view, filter and export audit logs as follows:
Field Name Description
Level The log level information, including two types: Warning and Info
► Warning level audit events include: 
• Creation, modification, deletion, disabling/enabling, unlocking of the system authority module;
• Modification of the system login setting;
• Deletion, clearing, export, download, sharing, creation failure, and login failure event of other modules.
► Info level audit events include: Creation, modification and successful login of other modules except of authority module and login module.
Time The time when the user performs the action
User The User Name is recorded for the internal user within the system, and the Unknown User is recorded for the user outside the system.
IP Address The user IP for performing the action
Action It indicates Login, Logout, Create, Modify, Delete, Import, Export, Disable, Enable, Unlock, and other action types.
Log Type The type of log information, including Access Log, Action Log and Management Log.
Log Description The descriptive information for Access Log, Action Log and Management Log.
• Filtering Audit Log
The audit log can be filtered and displayed by Time Range, search box, Level, and Log Type, as follows: 
• Export audit log: You can export the audit logs that meet the filtering condition, as follows: