Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
In the KAI module, services are in the real operating environment. Entity rules, KPI and KPI importance configuration can be realized in the service configuration module. After the service configuration, you can make visual status monitoring of services and KPIs through the service analyzer.
Click KAI > Configuration > Service, where you can create, edit, delete, and enable/disable services, and make health check, as follows: 
Field Name Description
Entity The number of entities associated in the current service.
KPI The number of KPIs configured in the current service.
Severity The severity of the last calculation of the current service:
 Critical,  High,  Medium,  Low,  Normal, unknow
Status It is to enable or disable services.
Note: After the service is disabled, the KPI in this service will no longer be searched and aggregated.
Health Check Click Health Check to jump to the Service Analyzer to view the health status of this service and support drilling down to view details. For details, please refer to the section Service Analyzer .
Edit Click Edit to edit the service configuration parameters.
Delete Click Delete to delete the service information.
Note: After the service is deleted, the service-related KPI will be deleted simultaneously.