Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
On AnyRobot, Big Screen & Report module supports functions including template publishing/exporting/checking/deleting/refreshing and link share etc.
► Publish Template:
1. Please see the picture below:
2. Click Publish Template>Ready to Publish to show the template list which includes all saved unpublished templates on AnyRobot;
3. To publish templates, first check the templates, and then click OK. After successfully published, you can check the templates by clicking the menu Template Management or Big Screen & Report to show the template list.

Note: The permissions control over Big Screen & Report by Role Management.

► Share Link:
Click Share Link to share the big screen/report with others without login.

On Template Management, you can enable/disable Share Link. If the function Share Link is disabled, the shared link will become invalid.

► Sync Template:
If the published template was changed on FineReport Designer, clickto refresh it synchronously.
► Delete Template:
On the Template page, you can delete the published templates. If the template is deleted on AnyRobot, the same will happen on FineReport designer at the same time.

Note: If the template is deleted on FineReport Designer, AnyRobot can not manage the template again.