Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
Data Stream is the path of data transfer in the system, which consists of data source, data processing and data destination. AnyRobot has two data streams: Recovered Data Stream, and Reparsed Data Stream. 
• Reparsed Data Stream supports extracting unparsed data or parsing-failed data from Elasticsearch, parsing it again, and then storing it in Elasticsearch;
• Recovered Data Stream supports extracting archived cold data, parsing it again, and storing it in ES for data search and analysis.
Click Data Source > Data Stream, where you can create, delete, edit, and make data stream function Enabled/Disabled, as follows:
Task running status includes Running, Sleeping, Done, Failed, Closed.
• Running means that the task is running;
• Sleeping means that the task is not in the time set by Execute Plan, so it has not started yet.