Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
The computing power in Kubernetes cluster is provided by the host (Node), which is the host where all Pods are running, either physical host or virtual host. The features of KubeSphere host management fully meet the requirements of enterprises for cluster operation and monitoring. It supports real-time view of resource and node status, the view of Pods status on any host, and the view of CPU and memory consumption. The host monitoring page also shows all-around monitoring of fine-grained resources such as IOPS, disk throughput, and NIC traffic, so that you can catch the status of all host resources at a glance.
An important feature for Node is Taints management. NodeAffinity is a property defined on Pod that allows the Pod to be scheduled to a Node as needed, but Taints are the opposite and make a Node refuse to run the Pod or even evict the Pod. Taints are a property of Node that prevents the underlying Kubernetes from scheduling Pod to the Node if taints have been set for the host.