Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
Click Data Source > Agent Management > Host, where the import of Agent batch hosts is supported to simplify the action process when adding a large number of target hosts.
1. Click +New Host > Import Batch Hosts to enter the Batch Creation page, as follows:

2. Click or drag the required (.cvs) file to the upload window. After uploading, a file upload status prompt will be displayed, as follows: 
Note: It is recommended to download and edit the file template before importing the file to avoid uploading failure due to invalid file format.
3. After uploading successfully, click Next to enter the Check Host Info page, where the parameters in the import file will be verified and the inspection results will be fed back, as follows: 
4. The verified hosts are ticked by default. Click Next to enter the Done page to complete host creation by performing batch import of host information, and click Finish to return to the host list page.