Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
The system configuration module is mainly for system-related configuration, including: login configuration, audit log configuration, SMTP service configuration, service management port configuration, personalized configuration, search configuration and authentication management. Users can configure the system according to the requirements of the security policy to improve system security.
Function Features Description
Login It is to provide configuration of Default Login, Login Lock, Password Strength, Password Record, Password Length and Valid Period.
Audit Log It is to configure the storage duration time of the system audit log. After the time limit is exceeded, the audit log will be automatically cleared.
SMTP Server Configuration It is to configure SMTP email server. You can use the email notification function in alert, dashboard and other modules. You can receive alert notifications and reports from the system by email in time.
SMS Notification It is to configure SMS Notification parameters to connect with third-party’s SMS platform.
Service Management Port It is to configure the Port that keeps communication between AnyRobot and AnyRobot Agent.
Personalized Configuration It is to customize product theme color, Logo and product UI display text.
Search It is to configure log file paths and off-line download.
• File path identification: It is to view the related file in the search function module;
• Off-line download configuration: It is to configure the clearing policy and download restriction parameters of the downloaded log files in the search function module.
Authentication It is to configure two-factor authentication and third-party authentication parameters to control the system login mode.