Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
vCenter Operation Log Data Aggregation is for configuring the operation log aggregation of the vCenter virtual management platform, and to obtain the operation log data of the vCenter platform through API.
Note: Supportive for vCenter versions: 5.6-6.7.
The specific operations are as follows:
1. Click Remote Aggregation > New to enter the Select Source page, and click vCenter Operation to make configuration, as follows: 
Field Name   Field Description
Host The IP address of the vCenter virtual management platform server
Port The open access port of the vCenter virtual management platform server, 443 by default
Account The account for logging in to the vCenter server
Password The password for logging in to the vCenter server
Aggregate Historical Data For setting whether to aggregate historical log data, the aggregation start time can be set after enabling.
Data Aggregation Frequency The frequency of log data aggregation, and the default aggregation interval is 1 hour.
Log Tag The tag identification of database log aggregation. Click Enter or comma to generate tag.
2. Click Next to Detect whether the host and port, username and password match: 
• Case 1: Detection failed - repeated host configuration;
• Case 2: Detection failed - the remote host and port unaccessible, possible mismatch between the host address and the port;
• Case 3: Detection failed - username or password incorrect;
• If the host is added newly and the host matches the port, username, and password, the detection will be successful.
3. After successful detection, click Next to Finish, where the following steps can be performed: 
• Click Start Search to jump to the Search and automatically search for the aggregated log data of vCenter virtual management platform operation;
• Click View List to jump to the Remote Aggregation list to view the status of aggregation tasks, etc.;
• Click Add More Data to Select Source again and continue to add and configure new remote aggregation tasks.