Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
The system administrator (admin) or users with authorization of patrol history module can click Patrol Management > Patrol History, where you can view the list of all created patrol tasks, patrol task details and patrol task status in the system.
• Viewing Patrol History Details
Click Patrol History > Action > Details to display the Details side window, where you can view Patrol Task, Patroller, Latest Update, Status, and the Note, inspection Status, and Remark for each Patrol Item, as follows:

• Filter Patrol History List
You can filter the patrol history list and quickly locate and view the patrol history list in three ways: Patroller, TimePicker, and Patrol Task Name Search.

Note: The list of historical patrol tasks is displayed from 0: 00: 00 ~ 23: 59: 59 of the current day by default.
• Export Patrol History Information
In the patrol task list, select the patrol history items to be exported, and click Export to export the selected patrol history item information (.cvs), as follows: