Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
Database Data Aggregation is for configuring database data synchronization. Database data is obtained through JDBC.
Note: Supportive for MySQL5.6, Oracle 11g, Shentong Database 7.0.
The specific operations are as follows:
1. Click Remote Aggregation > New to enter the Select Source page, and click Database to make configuration, as follows:
Field Name   Field Description
* Name The name of the database synchronization
* Database Connection Click the drop-down list to select the database to be connected
Note: If the database has not been configured, you can click Create to jump to the Data Connection for configuration. For details, please refer to the section Data Connection  of AnyRobot User Guide.
* Log Type The classification identification for log aggregation
Log Tag The tag identification of database log aggregation. Click Enter or comma to generate tag.
2. Click Next to make data Query, as follows: 
Field Name   Field Description Restrictive Condition
* SQL Statement The query statement for Database SQL -
Custom Variable Custom variable name and variable value can be added or deleted. -
* Execute Plan The execution cycle of database synchronization by Cron expression, with format: min hour day month week (year) -
Aggregation Full aggregation or incremental aggregation available: 
• Full aggregation: All log data in line with SQL query statement will be synchronized each time;
• Incremental aggregation: A certain field in the database table must be set to * Auto-increment Field, with the Field Type (value/time);
During data synchronization after incremental aggregation, only the related log data greater than the value of Auto-increment Field is synchronized in the database table.
Advanced Setting

Connection Timeout The timeout value of database connection 5 seconds by default
Connect Failure Maximum times setting for connection failure 1 time by default
Connect Interval The interval between attempts for database connection 10 seconds by default
Display Line(s)/Time The number of lines in a single query; if not set, the default is the line number limit of the database. 10, 000 lines by default
Paging Query For setting whether to enable query by page. After enabling it, you can set * Display Size (lines) 100, 000 lines in a single page by default
Field Lower Case For setting whether to enable case conversion of the field. After enabling it, the fields in the database are automatically converted to lowercase. -
Cron expression example: 
• Execute once every 5 minutes: */5 * * * *
• Execute once every 2 days, from clock 8 to 11 in the 5th and 15th minutes: 5, 15 8-11 */2 * *
• Execute once every hour between 11pm and 7am: * 23-7/1 * * *
• Execute once on the 4th of each month and at 1: 30 am from Friday to Sunday: 30 1 4 * 5-7
• Execute once at 3 am on January 1st: 0 3 1 1 *

3. Click Next to Detect. After successful detection, click Next to Finish. The following steps can be performed herein: 
• Click Start Search to jump to the Search to automatically search for the synchronized database information;
• Click View List to jump to the Remote Aggregation list to view the status of aggregation tasks, etc.;
• Click Add More Data to Select Source again and continue to add and configure new remote aggregation tasks.