Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
Click Data Source > Agent > Host to select the host to be viewed in the host list, and click   to view the task list information connected with the host, including task type, execution plan and task status. Besides, you can pause and delete tasks, as follows:

• Add Host Connection Task
Select the host to be connected with the task in the host list, click +Add to open the Add task window, and select one or more added task templates in the connection task template list, as follows:
Status Description
Running The task is running normally, and logs are being aggregated and sent normally.
Exception The task is in exception status. You can hover over the Status to view the pop-up message of the exception reason.
Paused The task has been paused, and log aggregation and sending tasks are no longer performed
Invalid The task template of the task has been deleted or the connection has been canceled.
Pending The host has been bound to the task template, but the Agent client has not been deployed, and currently aggregation and sending tasks are not performed.
Off-line The task is in off-line status and stopped, so aggregation and sending tasks are not performed normally.
Note: If the task is in off-line status, and the Status bar herein shows the status of Exception, and the cause of the exception can be viewed through the pop-up message.
Note: If the task is in Invalid status, please confirm whether the Agent has been correctly installed on the target host.
Click Task Name to jump directly to task template editing page, and click Template Name in template configuration to jump to Configure Template page for editing, as follows: