Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
► Unified Log Management
• Unified access to log data, indicator data and third-party operation data;
• Fast access to massive heterogeneous data from multiple sources;
• High-performance data cleaning and transformation;
• All-platform data aggregation with manageable and controllable aggregation process.
• Desensitization of sensitive data;
• Concurrent processing of massive data
► KPI Analytics Intelligence
• Templates for analysis indicators and scenes to reduce the operation difficulty;
• Scalable services and entity relationships to achieve rapid traceability and positioning;
• Dynamic threshold alert to reduce the probability of false alert and missed alert;
• Intelligent merging of alerts to achieve alert noise reduction and avoid alert storms;
• Fault discovery within seconds and fault positioning within minutes;
• Indicator trend prediction to improve accuracy and reduce fault rate
► High Scalability
Container design with scalable distributed architecture
► Flexible Deployment Method
Cluster deployment, flexible scaling, and intelligent expansion
► User-Friendly Experience
• Facilitated interaction page to guide users through a series of complete platform function experiences such as data aggregation, data management, data application, analytics intelligence and others;
• Simple query syntax combined with visual UI, to reduce the application difficulty