Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
AnyRobot mainly includes 11 functional modules: Data Search, Visualization, Data Source, Alert, Relation Graph, Dashboard, KPI Analytics Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Management, System Settings, and Patrol Management. Each functional module is introduced as follows: 
• Data Search: Log filtering by a variety of search methods and search statements;
• Visualization: Data visualization by selecting suitable charts according to different application scenarios and data types;
• Data Source: Data aggregation and management functions such as data aggregation, data forwarding, log management, data stream management and data archive;
• Alert: Monitoring and alert of indicator data; alert notification and forwarding by email, SMS, WeChat and HTTP/Syslog;
• Relation Graph: Custom relation graph modeling and exploration;
• Dashboard: Visual chart combination and display according to actual scenarios and needs;
• KPI Analytics Intelligence: AIOps management solutions to turn passive operations into active operations;
• Machine Learning: Data modeling and analytics prediction by creating different types of machine learning tasks;
• Data management: Log grouping, object management, tag management;
• System Settings: System configuration management such as authority, sysconfig, auditing log, and license management etc.
• Patrol Management: System patrol task assignment, execution and review.