Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
CVS Parsing is applied for parsing of CVS files, and use Logstash CVS Filter to fetch CVS data event fields and make parsing of it.
CVS files are generally well structured, and every field is separated with special character (not only limited to comma), for example, “field1Field Separatorfield2Field Separatorfield3”.
E.g. “Amy|Female|26 Years old|Test Engineer”, the field separator as “|”.
Field Name   Description
Field Separator Can be set as any character, usually as comma “,”, semicolon “;”, vertical bar “|”.
Target Field Default as null, which can be recognized as major class field.
• If set the Target Field name, the parsing field name as Target Field.Field Name ;
An example: If set Target Field name as “User Name”, the parsing field name as “User Name.column1, User Name.column2...;
• If Target Field name is null, the parsing field name should be Field Name.
Field Name The parsing field name can be customized,  default as null array, column1, column2...

Note: If custom field names are less than the actual parsed fields, the naming will follow the above rule from cloumn1, column2... accordingly.