Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
 Global Retrieval of Massive Logs
Taking the financial industry as an example, there are usually hundreds of business systems, generating several terabytes of log data every day, and the massive log data cannot be coped with by the original log query method. Faced with this application scene, the Search module enables global log retrieval by log group, time, keywords, fields, SPL statements and other multi-dimension methods, greatly improving the operation efficiency such as troubleshooting or log patrol by operation personnel.

 Multi-Dimension Visual Report
The Dashboard can be used to aggregate and analyze operation log data and generate various real-time reports to perform multi-dimension and multi-perspective in-depth analysis and visual display of various operation data (application logs, system logs, transaction logs, etc.), and display various business indicators in real time from business perspective to provide users with more intuitive and accurate data analysis support in reasonable optimization of business performance.

 Real-Time Alert Based on Service Monitoring Scenarios
Network quality or performance stability is crucial to business systems. Based on the mining and analysis of historical operation log data, alert trigger methods and conditions are set through the configuration of alert rules and alert scenes. You can specify the correlation between alerts and events to realize intelligent merging of similar alerts. Alert notification and alert forwarding can realize refined alerts, to avoid alert storms in IT operation management, and improve alert noise reduction.

 KPI Analytics Intelligence Based on AIOps Scenarios
In the environment of massive businesses, there will be abundant but unrelated operation data including monitoring data for hundreds of metrics, KPls, traces and others. The capabilities to analyze related indicators and alert data through multiple perspectives such as entity, KPI, service and event, and automatically complete the root cause analytics, will be relatively urgent demands in the trend of enterprise digital transformation.
The KPI Analytics Intelligence module can fully meet the requirements of three-dimension operation analysis and monitoring, and help users control the running status of the system in all aspects. From service to KPI and from KPI to entity, the drill-down root cause analytics can be performed layer by layer for rapid breakdown positioning and troubleshooting.