Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
1. Click Configuration > Entity > New, the New Entity window pops up, as follows: 
Field Name Description Restrictive Condition
Entity Name It is to define the entity name, which must be unique. ≤ 32 characters
Entity Group The entities can be assigned to a specified entity group as needed, and the default is Ungrouped. -
Description It is to briefly describe the entity. -
Match Condition It is to set the fields and field values for identifying entities. Multiple match conditions can be added. Duplicate match fields are not allowed.
Tag It is to add tag fields to entities, and facilitate entity filtering. Multiple tags can be added.
Note: Tags can be created through Data Management > Tag Management.
2. After the configuration, click Confirm to view the created entities in the entity list on the right.
Note: When an entity has been associated with one or more services through match condition in the service configuration, the service item of the entity can be viewed in the service column of the entity list. For detailed association configuration steps, please refer to the section Configuring Service .