Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
Data forwarding supports synchronous forwarding of log data to third-party devices or systems through Syslog, TCP and UDP network transmission protocols during the aggregation in this system.
Click Data Source > Open Data > Forwarding, where you can create, delete, enable/disable, view and edit data forwarding tasks.
• New Data Forwarding Task
1. Click Data Source > Open Data > Forwarding > + New to make the configuration, as follows: 
Field Name Description
* Task Name The task name of data forwarding
Screening The forwarded log content can be filtered by Field type and host. If no filter conditions are set, all data will be forwarded by default. Multiple filter conditions can be added by logical combination of AND or OR.
Forward Address Set the Protocol, IP and Port of the forward address, and more than one can be added. Click OK after the parameter configuration to verify the connection status with the target address.
2. Click Save to complete the creation of the data forwarding task and display the data forwarding list, where you can view Task Status and click the   icon to unfold the connectivity status with the destination server.
1. Each task has unique data Screening. If a task has repeated Screening, it cannot be saved;
2. Task Status: It is to monitor the execution status of each forwarding object in the current data forwarding task: 
• Normal: All objects within the task are executed successfully;
• Abnormal: At least 1 forwarding object in the task failed to execute;
• -- (Stateless): The task is not started and no forwarding object is executed.

• Editing/Deleting Data Forwarding Task
In Forwarding, you can click Edit/Delete in the action list to edit/delete the data forwarding task.