Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
The log sending Python script can monitor one or more target files/folders, with absolute path or wildcard relative path. After execution, you can also view the log file information and the sending progress in real time.
1. Enter the directory of the script: cd /anyrobot-installer/anyrobot/tools ;
2. Execute Script: python send_file.py –H IP address –P port –F file path –T time interval

The meaning of each parameter: 
• -H: The IP address of AnyRobot; if none, the data will be sent to this machine by default;
• -P: The TCP type port created on AnyRobot data source (only TCP protocol is supported);
• -F: The path of the uploaded log file, with absolute path and wildcard relative path;
• -T: The time interval of printing progress information, with default as 5s.
Note: In case of wildcard, double quotes must be added to the path.