Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
1. Click Authority > User > + New to create new user, as follows: 
Field Name Description Restrictive Condition
User Name The unique ID for user to log in to system It cannot be blank or repeated, and the ranges ≤32 characters.
Display Name The nickname for in-system display It cannot be blank, and the ranges ≤32 characters.
Email The email contact address, for receiving alert messages and other related push
Note: After completing the configuration, please click Verify and log in to the email to confirm whether the test mail has been successfully received.
Phone Number The user's mobile phone number -
WeChat It is to set whether to enable alert message WeChat notice. After enabling, you can check the bound email, and follow the enterprise WeChat service account through the QR code in the email, so as to realize the binding between the system account (user name) and WeChat ID.
• The user name and WeChat ID are bound one to one.
• Before enabling the WeChat notice function, please complete the binding between the enterprise WeChat service account and AnyRobot system to ensure that the alert message push can be received normally. For details, please refer to the section
Appendix WeChat Service Account System Binding Process.
After disabling WeChat notice, the user and the bound WeChat ID will be automatically unbound and the user will no longer receive alert message notice.
Role It is to set the role type that users need to authorize. Default as user. It cannot be blank.
Description It is to add detailed description information of the user. -

1. After the user binding the WeChat ID, if he needs to change the bound WeChat ID, he can enter the Edit User interface and click Change WeChat to perform the code scanning and follow again. After the new WeChat ID is successfully bound, the original binding relation will be released;
2. After the user has bound WeChat ID, if the enterprise WeChat service number is unfollowed, the WeChat ID and the user will be automatically unbound and the WeChat notice switch will be automatically disabled.

2. Click Save to complete the new user creation.