Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
Click Data Source > Agent > Host to hover over the Agent Status icon in Exception status, to view the cause of the exception through the pop-up message, as follows:
Agent Status Status Icon Description
Started The Agent client is in normal running.
Exception The Agent client heartbeat is in exception status.
Task Exception The Agent client is running normally, but there is an exception in the connection task.
Off-line The Agent client is in off-line status.
Deployment Failed The Agent client has problems in deployment process, causing the deployment failure.
Deploying The Agent client is being deployed.
Deployment Completed, and Waiting foHeartbeat The Agent client has been deployed and in the status of waiting for initialization to send heartbeat.
Note: If the Deploying status is maintained for a long time, you must confirm whether the Agent heartbeat is normal.
Not Deployed - The Agent client has not been deployed.