Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
It is to realize unified allocation and control of users' system functions, resource permissions and task permissions, and supports enabling query interfaces to third-party systems to realize authority control. AnyRobot mainly provides two kinds of authority management modes: Roles Centralized Mode, and Roles Separated Mode. By default, the system is managed in the Roles Centralized Mode.
Function Features Description
Role Management You can create, edit and delete roles. It supports the configuration of function permission, resource permission, Agent task template usage permission, dashboard usage permission, and homepage dashboard display permission for roles.
User Management You can create, modify, enable/disable, unlock and delete user.
Authority Mode You can switch to the Roles Separated Mode: 
• Roles Centralized Mode: It means that the Super Administrator mode is used to manage and unify the authorities over functions and resources.
• Roles Separated Mode: It means that admin (system administrator), securit (security administrator), and audit (audit administrator) are separated for authority and responsibility management.
Note: After the Roles Separated Mode is enabled, it can no longer switch back to the Roles Centralized Mode, so be carefull.
Open API An open query interface to the public provided by AnyRobot