Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
1. Click Data Source > Agent > Host, hover over +New Host to click New Host in the drop-down list, and fill in the configuration parameters as follows: 
Field Name   Field Description  Restrictive Condition
Host Name The name of the host No more than 20 Chinese characters or 40 English characters are allowed.
IP The IP address of the host -
Tag The tag of the host, for the matching of the host group Up to 5 tags can be added
Device Type It is to select AutoCheck or Input. -
Log Type It is to add the authentication information of the host and verify its availability immediately.
Note: To deploy the Agent client, please confirm the connection authentication has been completed for the host.
RAM Limit The maximum running memory of the target host Modification is not allowed after creation. Please be cautious during filling in.
2. After completing the configuration information, click Save to complete the new host creation.