Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
It is used to record and trace the clearing behavior of the log files of Agent client, so as to prevent the log files from being cleared by malicious and misuse.
Click Data Source > File Statistics > Clearing to view basic file clearing information, view file clearing details, search for files, and clear log clearing records.
Field Name Description
Host Name The name of the Agent target host
IP The IP address of target host
Applications The log type of the aggregated file
Tag The log tag of the aggregated file
File Path The file path of the target file, including: absolute path, actual path
File Name The name of the target file (with suffix)
Latest Update The last modification time of the target file at the end of the aggregation
File Size The amount of the file clearing data
File Bytes The number of file clearing bytes
Aggregate Offset The offset of the target file at the end of the aggregation
Total Logs The number of log entries aggregated
Task Name The name of Agent task
Expiration Time The time between the last file modification and automatic clearing upon expiry
Note: The expiration time parameter can be configured by clicking Agent > Configuration Template > New Template
Clear Time The point in time of log file clearing
• Check Agent Running Info
Click Running Info in the action column, to view the basic information and running information of the Agent client.

Note: If there are exception task running records, you can click to unfold and check the corresponding original log information.
• Check Whole Record
Click Action > More > Aggregate Record, to check the basic file information and file aggregation or clearing records. 
• Check Aggregate Log
Click Action > More > Aggregate Log, to check the aggregate log in Search.
• It supports the display of file aggregation list information filtered by TimePicker, or Keywords (Host Name, IP, File Name). 
• Clear file clearing records: click Clear All to clear the file clearing records.

Note: If the current user of the target host does not have permission to clear the logs, the clearing will fail and the file clearing page will show the corresponding clearing audit.