Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
§    Please first read Software Compatibility List and Restrictions.
§    Recovery to a dissimilar machine is supported for GaussDB T database only.
§    Database cross-version recovery is not supported.
§    For GaussDB T database recovery, the metadata storage path must be consistent with the recovery path.
§    For GaussDB T recovery to a dissimilar machine, cross-platform recovery (between X86 and ARM) is not supported.
§    For GaussDB T recovery to a dissimilar machine, recovery between dual-HA primary/standby databases or between standalone databases is supported only.
§    The original environment and target environment must be the same in database version, topology structure, database username and password, primary and standby DN (data node) relationship.
§    Stopping jobs during recovery can result in database corruption or data loss.
§    The maximum number of recoverable points in time for GaussDB continuous incremental recovery is 30, beyond which an exception to the recovery job may occur.
§    After GuassDB database is restored, incremental backup is not supported for the first backup.