Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
This section is about how to deploy a cluster environment.

In this section, we will introduce:

§  Compatible Products
§  Deployment
§  Checking Installation Status
§  Restarting Servers

Mind the following:
§ As the three nodes in a cluster use one router, please make sure VRRP at layer 2 of the router can signal normally in order for good communication across the cluster. After a cluster is deployed, KAD service will keep detecting the “heartbeat” of each node. Once a communication problem occurs, the cluster will split (If only one node is detected, it will be deemed as the MASTER.).
§ VID and DBID must be assigned properly.
§ Before installation, please perform checking as specified in
System Requirements, Before You Begin and Installing Sever Software.
§ Please use the same release-version operating system and hardware for three servers. Otherwise, installation may fail.
§ Currently only single-node and three-node clusters are supported.
§ For three servers, installation packages must be uploaded to the same directory. It is not allowed to upload the package for MASTER to /backupsoft and the packages for SLAVE to /opt. Make sure a minimum of 30 GB free space can be used in the installation directory.
§ Please install MASTER node first and then SLAVE nodes one after another. Installation at the same time is not supported.
§ After a multi-node cluster is deployed, uninstalling it and then changing it to be a single node environment are not allowed.
§ Please obtain proper software installation package as specified in
Compatible Products.