Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
In AnyBackup, you can enable the deduplication feature for backup jobs as needed. With deduplication, the redundant data can be identified and deleted automatically during backup, which reduces the amount of data transmitted, saves bandwidth and releases storage space.

To better understand the deduplication feature, we collect the following terms for your reference:

§    Source Deduplication: The process of deleting repeated data before it is sent to the storage side via network.
§    Fingerprint: The unique identification of different data blocks generated by hash algorithm.
§    Deduplication Volume: The physical volume that stores the fingerprint library.
§    Fingerprint Library: The area used to store fingerprints in the deduplication volume.
§    Fingerprint Pool: A logical pool composed of the nodes that own deduplication volumes, used to store the fingerprint library.
§    Deduplication Ratio: (1 - actual backup data size / completed data size) * 100%