Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
In AnyBackup, you can configure backup policies on the console to schedule backup jobs. Backup jobs will be automatically started as configured with backup policy enabled, so that you do not have to operate manually. To secure data safety and recovery, plan your backup policy carefully.
When there are a large number of backup jobs on your management console, associating one backup policy to multiple backup jobs is supported.

• Backup mode
• Backup period
• Recurrence
• Size of data to be backed up
• Backup capacity

Recommended Backup Period
Backup period determines the point in time that data can be restored. The more frequent backup job is, the closer the fault point is to be restored. However, too frequent backup period will influence system performance and normal services. In addition, a large amount of backup data generated by frequent backup jobs is big trouble for management and recovery, taking up a lot of storage space.
We recommend that:
• For general business data, perform a full backup once every weekend when business data is used rarely, and perform incremental backup daily.
• For a small amount of important business data, perform incremental backup daily.
• For backup client with small changes, perform an initial full backup and ongoing sequence of incremental forever backups to save storage resources.
• Backup period must be longer than backup duration. Otherwise, an error will occur during backup.