Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
§    Please first read Restrictions, Operations Specifications and Risk Statement.
§    If you encounter problems that are difficult to solve during backup, read FAQs first to see if there is a solution for the same problem. If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact the AISHU engineer.
§    A copy of checkpoint named Backup will be retained in the platform after successful backup of VM configuration version 4.0/5.0. Do not delete this checkpoint. Otherwise, the next incremental backup of VMs will be converted into a full backup.
§    During backup, do NOT delete the snapshot (checkpoint) created in this backup job. Otherwise, the backup will fail and unpredictable impact may be brought to the next VM backup.
§    Currently, backup of VMs containing physical disks is not supported.
§    Backup of disks with VHD Set format is not supported.
§    Backup of VMs that are paused/saved/being replicated/being migrated is not supported.
§    Backup of VMs whose names contain / is not supported.
§    To back up a Hyper-V platform in English, do NOT configure a disk path, VM path and VM name containing Chinese.
§    Currently, backup of Hyper-V platform in the failover cluster scenario is not well supported because that VMotion may cause backup failure. It is recommended to select the VM granularity for backup and enable VM auto retry.