Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
 FAQs introduces possible problems that may occur during installation and deployment and how to resolve them.
If alarms in red are prompted during installation, just resolve problems as instructed.
Checking System almost covers all problems to be checked.
Typical checks are as follows:

§ Checking firewall status: if firewall is closed, messages in purple will be prompted.
"firewall is not running, rules cannot be added"
"Services may not be accessed if firewall is enabled after service is installed"
For details, please refer to Checking System.

§ Checking NetwokManager service: in some cases, the service will take over the network directly and conflicts occur. Errors in red will be prompted to remind you to stop or disable the service.
"NetworkManager service is running,pls stop NetworkManager,eg:systemctl stop NetworkManager"
"NetworkManager service is enable,pls disable  or mask NetworkManager,eg:systemctl disable NetworkManager"
For details, please refer to Checking System.

§ Checking directory permissions: Please refer to Checking System.
§ Checking system directories: Do not install software under the system directory. If you try to install software under a system directory, an error in red will be prompted. Please do not use system directories like /home, /dev and /root. /backupsoft or /opt (for software) is recommended.
”Installation path /root/ below, there will be a permissions issue, please install the client to build a directory in the /.”

§ Checking user: Please install server software as a root user.
The following error is returned during installation.

Error Reported during Installation
The architecture does not match. Please obtain the proper software package.
After a cluster is constructed, “The user has logged in somewhere else” is prompted when you are trying to log into the console and several VIPs are displayed after running command ip addr in the background.

§ The cluster nodes are not installed in proper order.
§ Network communication is abnormal between nodes.
To resolve:

§ Install the nodes one after another: master node > first slave node > second slave node. For more information, see AnyBackup Family Best Practices for Server Software Installation and Uninstallation.
§ Make sure that the second layer of communication is normal.