Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
The main features of AnyBackup Family 7 include:
§ Backup: creating image-level backups of virtual, physical and cloud environments.
§ Restore: different restore options for different scenarios.
§ Copy Data Management: generating multiple virtual copies for instant data use.
§ Incremental Forever Backup: transferring changed data only to minimize backup window.
§ Instant Recovery: mounting virtual copies for recovery, dev/test and analytics.
§ Continuous Data Protection: transferring data continuously to achieve near-zero RPO.
§ Remote Replication: synchronizing local backup data to an offsite data center.
§ Data Deduplication:  eliminating redundant data in transfer and in storage.
§ Cloud Storage Support: both D2C and D2D2C are supported.
§ Tape Devices Support: integrating with tape devices for storing original data or backup data, both D2T and D2D2T are supported.