Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
You need to create a backup job before performing backup. 
At the first backup, a full backup will be performed, then you can set the backup mode to full, incremental, or incremental forever backup as needed.
In AnyBackup, the backup of Hyper-V virtualization platform is agentless backup, that is, no need to install agent in the VM OS (operation system) during backup. However, AnyBackup requires an external client to access to Hyper-V virtualization platform. For how to install or uninstall external client, see User Guide for Client Software Installation and Uninstallation.
F Note:VM checkpoint can be treated as a consistent point-in-time copy of VMs. It keeps consistent data for VMs such as current configuration, OS, applications, associated data, system state and so on. AnyBackup uses checkpoint to ensure VM data consistency during backup of VMs on Hyper-V virtualization platform.