Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
§    Please first read Software Compatibility List and Restrictions.
§    Make sure that there are sufficient permissions for and space in the recovery destination.
§    Recovery of VMs larger than host memory is not supported.
§    If the recovery destination is set in English, do NOT name the VMs in Chinese.
§    The ISO and physical drives mounted in the backed-up VMs will not be restored in a recovery job.
§    Cross-version recovery is not supported and only recovery with specified configuration is supported.
§    If a backup is performed for a power-on VM at a certain point in time, data restored from this point in time may be inconsistent with the backed-up data in size (configuration file size).
§    After multiple backups, data restored from the latest point in time is not the sum of backed-up data at previous points in time. The reason is that configuration file is backed up in each backup but it is restored once only.