Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
In AnyBackup, to avoid backup failure, backup auto retry for VM-level is supported. To turn on or off backup auto retry, you need to configure it as the role of tenant or operator when creating a backup job.
Auto retry follows the rules below:

§    The maximum number of auto retries ranges from 1 to 5.
§    The waiting time for auto retry ranges from 1 to 30, in Minute.
Assume that you have auto retry enabled, set the maximum number of auto retries as 3 and the waiting time as 10 minutes.

§    When VM backup fails, it will automatically retry the backup after 10 minutes and perform it up to 3 times. Once the retry is initiated and the backup is successful, the retry policy terminates regardless of how many retries are set.