Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
To work with AnyBackup Family, you must obtain a license and activate it on the backup server. If you do not activate the license, the product cannot be used normally. For more information, see Adding and Activating Licenses.
AnyBackup Family provides both Subscription Licenses and Trial Licenses.

Subscription Licenses
Subscription Licenses are the licenses that will expire at the end of the subscription term.  For the details of Subscription Licenses, see Components of Licenses.

Trial Licenses 
Trial licenses are the licenses used for product evaluation or demonstration. The trial license can be valid for 30 days since it is activated.

Mind the following:

§ After the trial license is expired, you cannot create jobs any more, while the data that has been backed up can be restored, and the configuration of management features (such as Add Cloud Storage, Add Volume, etc.) are still available.

In this section, we will introduce:

§ Components of Licenses
§ Obtaining Licenses 
§ Adding and Activating Licenses
§ Importing Licenses
§ Exporting Licenses 
§ Batch Activating Licenses