Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
AnyBackup Family is composed of Client (Production Server ), Console (AnyBackup Console) and Backup Server.
Component Quantity Description
(Production Server)
Configure as needed Client needs to be installed on each production sever.
(AnyBackup Console)
1 Console is used to manage and perform jobs.
Backup Sever 1 at least, can be extended to 32 System packages need to be installed on backup sever.

Client is the device where you store business data.

§ Clients are the production servers to be protected and managed.
§ Client software should be installed on each production server for network communication and data transmission with the console.
§ Production server responds to the commands from console and performs backup and recovery jobs.

Console is the platform where you can manage client resources and perform backup and recovery jobs.

§ Console is the center of management and scheduling for backup system where backup and recovery jobs are performed.
§ Console manages all software components in appliance.
§ Console can be installed on physical or virtual server.
§ Console has Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Backup Server
Backup server is the device where you store business data that is backed up.

§ Backup server is used for receiving, storing and managing data.
§ Each node on the server cluster is active that can be accessed through cluster IP.