Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50

In the wizard 3, specify the information below:

1. Select OFS as the backup Media.
2. Configure the following options as needed:
a. Transfer and Storage Encryption: Disabled by default. You must select an encryption algorithm (AES256 or SM4) if this option is enabled. See
Transfer and Storage Encryption for details.
b. Data Compression: Disabled by default. You must select a compression type (quick or deep compression) if this option is enabled. See
Data Compression for details.
c. Deduplication: Disabled by default. See
Deduplication for details.
§    After this option is enabled, click Select behind Fingerprint library, to open the Fingerprint Library window.

§    Select a fingerprint library in the window, click OK to go back to the wizard 3. You can see the selected fingerprint library is displayed behind the Fingerprint Library field.

F Note:
A. To enable Deduplication, you must create deduplication volume, fingerprint pool and fingerprint library on the management console in advance, see Best Practices for Data Deduplication for details.
B. In case of no fingerprint library or no suitable fingerprint library in the Fingerprint Library window, you can click Create to create a fingerprint library with the application type of Database.
C. You can select a fingerprint library with/without associated job. To ensure high deduplication rate, it is recommended to associate one fingerprint library with one job.
d. Flow Control: Disabled by default. It will limit backup speed during backup if this option is enabled.
F Note:
A. For GAUSSDB T backup jobs, the speed for flow control must not be lower than 6 MiB/s; otherwise, the backup may fail.
B. You must set the maximum backup speed if this option is enabled. The speed limit ranges from 1 to 1024 MiB/s.
C. For a backup job with Flow Control enabled as well as Data Compression or Deduplication, after the job is finished, the actual transfer speed should be the actual backup data size divided by the total runtime. The speed value is correct when it is not exceeded the value: the maximum speed that you set in flow control * number of clients.
e. Auto Retry: Disabled by default. After this option is enabled, you can enable auto retry after backup failure by setting Maximum attempts and Re-attempt wait time.
F Note: The number of auto retries ranges from 1 to 5, and the wait time before each attempt ranges from 1 to 30 minutes.
f. Channels: The default value is 1. The number of channels ranges from 1 to 10.
F Note: As the backup performance drops with the increase of channels, it is recommended that the number of channels is not greater than the number of master DN + slave DN + CN configured during database installation, which is generally 3.
After confirmation, click Next to enter the wizard 4.