Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
The client software for AIX, HP_UX and Solaris support installation via both bash and ksh. To view the type of shell being used in the operating system, run following command via root user. Then perform the installation accordingly.
1. For installation via bash, run the install.sh script in the installation directory:
[root@localhost ~]#echo  $0

[root@localhost ~]#./install.sh
2. For installation via ksh, run following command:
[root@localhost ~]#echo  $0

[root@localhost ~]#cd /installation directory/AnyBackupClient/ClientService/ksh
[root@localhost ~]#chmod +x mvksh.sh
[root@localhost ~]#ksh mvksh.sh
[root@localhost ~]#cd /installation directory/AnyBackupClient/ClientService/
[root@localhost ~]#ksh install.sh