Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
Mind the following:
§  Information such as date, version and directory involved in commands and screenshots are for reference only. Please refer to your actual environment and the release version.
§  Please make clear the deletion command and be VERY careful before performing DELETE operations.
§  Please perform system checkout before installation. For more information, refer to
Checking System.
§  For appliance, please use the specified server and operating system. In the cluster environment, three servers shall be consistent; different servers, operating systems shall not be installed together.
§  Please obtain installation package based on different architectures. Or else, errors may be reported.
Step 1 For new environment (no AnyBackup Console has been installed before), see
Checking Sytem. If there are no system problems, perform installation as instructed (For details, see Installing Server Software.).
Step 2 For non-new environment:

§  Make sure no software by other vendors (for example, antivirus software) has been installed on the server. Otherwise, server software installation may fail.
If AnyBackup Console has been installed before, check whether the backup data on this server is needed. If yes, stop installation. If no, please check whether there is mounted information of the residual volume. If no, execute step 3; if yes, execute the following commands:
      Unmount manually (Be CAREFUL).
      Enter command: lsblk
                                 umount -fl /sysvol/node/ssss

Umount the Residual Volume Manually
         Delete the logical volume (Be CAREFUL).
         lvremove /dev/diskarray4/ssss
Step 3 In non-new environment, check whether there is residual information in /var/lib/AnyBackup/ and /var/log/AnyBackup/. If no, execute step 4. If there is a file, confirm whether the data backed up to this server is needed. If yes, stop installation. If no, execute the following command.
cd /var/lib/AnyBackup/
rm –rf AnyBackup (Be CAREFUL)
cd /var/log/AnyBackup/
rm –rf AnyBackup (Be CAREFUL)

Delete the Residual Configuration Information
Step 4 In non-new environment, delete all residual information in /sysvol/node.

Delete the Residual Volume (
Step 5 Before installation in non-new environment, run systemctl -a | grep AnyBackup to check whether there exists any residual service. Make sure no residual service exists before installation.
Before installation, perform system checkout. Refer to Checking System.