Updated at: 2022-12-09 03:49:50
To ensure security, AnyBackup Family provides multiple roles to separate administrators’ permissions and make them restricted by each other. The behavior of each role can be monitored and liability can be traced in the event of accidents.
Six roles are supported by default: system administrator, security administrator, audit administrator, inspector, operator and tenant. For convenience, the system has built-in roles: admin (system administrator), sadmin (security administrator), audit (audit administrator) and riadmin (inspector). The permissions of roles are presented as below.
Roles Permissions
System Administrator (built-in username: admin) Daily system maintenance and management, including user management, resource management (client, virtualization platform and fingerprint pool, and more), system and storage configuration. 
Security Administrator
(built-in username: sadmin)
Resource assignment (client, virtualization platform, fingerprint pool, and more).
Audit Administrator
built-in username: audit)
Auditing logs (system logs, user logs, job logs, client logs, and more.) and data protection.
(built-in username: riadmin)
Inspector is an independent role who cannot be managed by system administrator, security administrator or audit administrator. Inspector can view almost all information in backup sever but cannot modify, delete or manage any backup data.
(needs to be created)
Data protection, log and alarm management for authorized clients. System management and maintenance are forbidden.
(needs to be created)
Tenant has all permissions of operator and most of permissions of security administrator including adding resources, data protection and assigning resources to the operators created by the tenant itself.