Updated at: 2022-12-28 02:23:21

AnyShare provides multiple document library types to meet the needs of document collaboration, storage and sharing in different scenarios, mainly including My Documents, Department Documents, Custom Documents and Knowledge Documents. What are the boundaries among different types of Documents? Which document library should the organizational documents be stored in? Let’s take a look at how each type of document library is used in specific scenarios.

  • My Documents: User’s personal space for office work, which is used for synchronous protection of the user’s office documents, allowing for mobile office work, desktop document backup, etc. Other users have no permission to view your personal documents by default.
  • Department Documents: The document space belonging to the department only, which is used for departmental document management and collaboration based on the organization structure.
  • Custom Documents: To meet document management needs beyond the preset types. Enterprises can add custom documents types based on the situation and create Custom Documents accordingly.
  • Knowledge Documents: For knowledge sharing. In the AnyShare desktop client, the access portal of Knowledge Documents is in Knowledge.

All types of Documents above are created by Admin in the Management Console who specifies the name of Department Documents, quota, its affiliated department and the owner who can manage this Documents. In this way, when the owner and the user under the department to which the Documents belongs log in to the AnyShare client, they can view the Department Documents. The owner can configure visitors and access permissions for the document library.