Updated at: 2023-02-16 06:24:44

This section will help familiarize yourself with creating word library. After the creation of word library, you can add, delete, modify and search words  based on the created word libraries.



1. Click [Dataset Sample] to download the data set to the local PC.

2. Log in to the AnyDATA Workbench and click any knowledge network you like.

3. Click the "Word Library" menu. The "Word Library" page is displayed.



1. Click [Create] button, and the "Create Word Library" dialog box will pop up.
2. In the "Create Word Library" dialog box, enter the following information:

Parameter Description Example Value
Word Library Name The word library name consists of Chinese, English, numbers and underscores, and the length is 1-50 digits. For example, we tend to create a word library named "real estate".
Uploading Files

File format supports txt, csv, click the [Download template] button to view the file format specification.


Up to 5 files with the same structure can be uploaded, and the total file size should not exceed 50M.


Support holding [shift] key + mouse linkage to select multiple files at the same time.


If the information of the created word library is completely repeated with the original data, the system will not count as the newly created word library.


If the information of the created word library is repeated with one or several pieces of the original data, it will be counted as a newly created word library.


The tags consist of Chinese, English and numbers, and the length is 1-50 digits.


You can't add the same tag more than once. You can add up to 10 tags.

Based on the example word library "real estate", we can add new tags for it such as "old area renovation", "bidding document", "fiscal budget", etc.
Description The description consists of Chinese, English, numbers and special symbols, and the length is 0-150 digits. -

3. Click [OK] button, word library created.